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CZI and College Board get a deal to help students pay for the best education. Facebook founder has signed a multi-million deal to help reduce the gap between the students who have access to expensive college coach and who don't.
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Chan-Zuckerberg/College Board Deal

Project Description

“A Manhattan project on Academic Motivation” in the words of College Board President and CEO David Coleman.

The deal between Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative and College Board is a step further in the process to make the SAT more appealing to students at all economies. In 2014, the College Board partnered with Khan Academy to provide free SAT preparation. Earlier this month, the team published a data showcasing the effect of the free prep tools. According to the reports, 20 hours of work on the Khan Academy SAT Tool was associated with an average of 115 points improvement.

The partnership with CZI is a “multi-million grant”. The multi-million deal will help not only provide scholarship to the deserving candidates but also bridge the gap between the information available to the students. The team will also fund expansion of so-called “near peer advisors”  – a team of young people who supplement the counsellors at various schools to help the students apply to the right school. The group currently works with 600 high schools helping more than 180,000 students. They look forward to expand to 4 more states with the funds made available by CZI.

Now, is the time for you to compete and provide your best to get in to the best schools of the world.

Project Details

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AP, Chan, College Board, CZI, David Coleman, Deal, Facebook, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, Scholarship, Zuckerberg