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How to get through an Ivy League? What does Harvard look at? What needs to be done to get through Princeton? How hard is it to get through Yale? What is the acceptance rate at Columbia? Is Brown an Ivy League?
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Want to study at an Ivy League? Find your way here…..

Project Description

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Pennsylvania, Cornell, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth8 universities that make Ivy League.

Every year approximately each of these schools receive approximately 30,000 applications. However, of these only about 2,700 are able to get through their dream university.

What Should I do to get in?

Apply Early: 

The acceptance rates for Early Action (EA) and Early Decision Applicants (ED)are much higher than the Regular Decision Applicants. They are generally more than double the regular decision applications.

Apply Early to some schools!!

High SAT/ACT Score:

A high SAT/ACT score is important, if not the only decision factor, to get accepted to one of the IVY Schools. The average SAT Reading and Writing score is 721 compared with average SAT Math score of 735. The average ACT score is 33.

School Counts :

What has been your school score? What subjects did you take? Are your subjects High Level? How good are you at your subjects? Class rank? Does your future course relates to your current subjects? What extracurriculars? What level?


Project Details

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